Simple. honest. reliable service.

Here at Raid-10 we are are a group of technical and professional engineers. Who are multi skilled covering a vast array of technology standards. We are not sales people and we are not account managers with targets. Everyone involved in raid-10 gets involved with every client. With over 20 years experience in SMB's and boutique firms, we will help you get up and running from day one or carry on support for your company going forward.

We understand that things like software or hardware can be daunting to get around.  We are here to let you skip this step and let you get on with running your business.

IT Support

Combined with over 20year’s experience in the IT industry, we currently support Hotels, Boutique small businesses, Pension firms in London and Finance firms in Spain. With advances and reliability of internet, we can provide support to our clients remotely 99% of the time.

We have great knowledge of getting your business IT needs to where they need to be whether this is to conform with certain compliance standards or to complete new setup of infrastructure needs.

We will take care of all your requirements from setup to Backup to recovery. We have great reach to suppliers and vendors.

Web Design

Bring your company to life with RAID-10, we can help you visualize your company website from your company logo, user experience, colour scheme and even help you design your businesses promotional materials.

We can arrange for your websites domain registration (website address) and the hosting. Your web site will be fully optimised using SEO to increase you appearance on search engines i.e Google, Yahoo. To help you maximise your marketing and web presence through a fully personal and custom service including.  We can even freshen up your current site or simply re-design what you have giving it a new professional modern look.

Our Clients

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